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Future Transport Power Laboratory is devoted to fundamental research on transport power plants including maritime, aviation, and automotive sectors. It is one of the several thermo-fluid research laboratories in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, KAIST.

Our research efforts are underway with an eye on highly efficient and clean engines utilizing new technologies such as homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI), low-temperature diesel combustion, alternative fuel, direct-injection spark-ignition(DISI) and high-speed direct-injection(HSDI) diesel engines for the sake of developing next-generation engines. Also, lots of diagnostic techniques such as pressure measurement, visualization using a high-speed camera, laser applications (LDV, PDA, LIF, LII) are used to clarify the physical sources occurring in engine combustion.

(*More details can be found in “Project” section.)

Around 10 researchers including post-doc fellows, ph.d. and masters students are working on their own research topics. We welcome two or three new masters students every year. If you are interested in post-doc, ph.d. students, or visiting researcher positions, please contact Prof. Bae directly.