Title배충식, 정경석, "실린더헤드 형상에 따른 정상유동 특성 ", SAE Paper 95-17-0086, 자동차공학회 추계학술대회 논문집, pp46-53, 1995. 11.


  The flow characteristics of five different 4-valve cylinder heads were investigated in a steady flow rig using laser-Doppler velocimetry. The tumble flow of each head with pentroof combustion chamber was quantified by nondimensional tumble number using a tumble adaptor. The formation of tumbling vortex was examined in an optical single-cylinder engine which has windows for in-cylinder LDV measurements. Tumble vortex ratio was estimated from the tumble flow measurement.
The four-valve cylinder heads with pent-roof combustion chamber showed the tumble vortex from the intake process. which was investigated in the steady flow test. The tumble adaptor which converts the tumble into swirl flow was found to be feasible in predicting the tumble flow in the real engine. The tumble strength in the steady flow test coincides with that in the real engine experiment within 15%. It was found that the steady flow test on the four-valve cylinder heads provides the tip for a better design of cylinder head.


NextBae, C-S., “The Interaction between Turbulent Flow and Flame Propagation in an Internal Combustion Engine”, Proc. the second TRA workshop-1995, Lecture Notes in Turbulence, pp75-91, Turbulence Research Association, Seoul, 1995. 12
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