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조대용, 송현우, 오희창, 박정서, 배충식, “전자클러치를 적용한 워터펌프를 이용한 엔진웜업 개선 효과 분석”, 2010 한국자동차공학회 학술대회 및 전시회, pp431-436, 2010. 11.


Water pump is operated by engine power from crank shaft. Water pump circulate cooling water in engine to maintain temperature of combustion chamber. Typical water pump is always operated depending on engine rpm. In the early stage after engine starting, warm-up process is began increasing cooling water temperature. But in warm-up process, energy loss is generated until thermal equilibrium condition. To reduce energy loss in warm-up process, electromagnetic clutch is applied to typical water pump. Operation strategy is that water pump is not operated until cooling water temperature in cylinder head reach 85℃. Engine was operated in different condition depends on vehicle speeds. Cooling water temperature and pressure was measured to ensure improvement of engine warm-up process. Fuel consumption rate and exhaust emission was measured to compare different water pump operating strategy. With electromagnetic clutch type water pump, warm-up speed was increased and energy loss from warm-up process was decreased in low speed condition.


Previous이진우, 배충식, “대형 디젤 엔진에서 연소 가시화를 통한 항공유와 디젤의 배기 특성 분석,” 2010 한국자동차공학회 정기학술대회 및 전시회, pp388-393, 2010. 11.
Next이진우, 배충식, “대형 디젤 엔진에서 JP-8과 디젤 적용 시의 배기 배출물 특성에 대한 이해,” 대한기계학회 열공학부문 춘계학술대회, pp74-79, 2011, 5.
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