Title김동훈, 김기현, “디젤 분무의 증발/비증발 특성 비교”, 2012 한국액체미립화학회 학술 강연대회, 2012. 9.

김동훈, 김기현, “디젤 분무의 증발/비증발 특성 비교”, 2012 한국액체미립화학회 학술 강연대회, 2012. 9.


Diesel spray is a main phenomenon in a CI (compression ignition) engine. It is important to understand diesel spray characteristics inside the cylinder to design CI engines. Diesel fuel is directly injected into the cylinder by injectors in almost all CI engine. Diesel spray characteristics, such as liquid penetration length, spray angle and vapor distribution, directly affect combustion characteristics and these determine engine performance and emissions. Many researchers are studying fuel spray with experimental and numerical method. CFD method is one of the useful numerical tools to investigate internal combustion engines, recently. Many spray sub-models are derived to simulate fuel spray. Breakup models, evaporation models, collision models and wall-impingement models are included spray sub-models. To describe spray structure properly, it is important to use suitable spray sub-models in CFD code. In this study, diesel spray structure was calculated using OpenFOAM, which is a CFD package coded with C++ language. Kelvin-Helmholtz/Rayleigh-Taylor breakup model, standard evaporation model and O`Rourke collision model were used as spray sub-models to compare diesel spray characteristics in non-evaporating and evaporating condition inside the constant volume chamber. Evaporation model used in spray simulation is important to calculate liquid and vapor distribution inside the constant chamber. Calculated liquid length without evaporation model was less than those with evaporation model. Liquid length of spray was calculated accurately with evaporation model. Droplet sizes with evaporation model were slightly less than those without evaporation model. Evaporation model should be considered to simulate diesel spray even in non-evaporating condition.

Previous김기현, 김동훈, 정용진, 배충식, “직접 분사식 압축착화 엔진에서 가솔린과 디젤의 분무 및 연소 특성 가시화,” 2012 한국액체미립화학회 학술 강연대회, 2012. 9
Next오희창, 정진영, 배충식, “직접 화염 가시화를 통한 직접분사식 가솔린 엔진의 성층연소 과정 및 입자상 물질 배출특성에 대한 연구”, 2012 한국자동차 공학회 학술대회 및 전시회, 2012. 11
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