Title황준식, 정용진, 배충식, “폐식용유 바이오디젤을 이용한 압축착화 엔진의 저부하 영역에서 연료의 분사 압력과 분사 시기가 연소 및 배기특성에 미치는 영향; Effect of Fuel Injection Pressure and Timing on the Combustio and Emission Characteristics in a Compression Ignition Engine under Low Load Condition Fueled with Waste Cooking Oil Boidiesel”, 제 45회 KOSCO Symposium, 2012. 11.

In this study, the combustion and emission characteristics of waste cooking oil biodiesel was investigated. The fuel was injected from 5 CAD (Crank angle degree) ATDC (After top dead center) to –60 CAD ATDC by 5 CAD with 800 bar and 1600 bar injection pressure. Generally, the hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and smoke emissions from biodiesel fuel were lower than the emission levels of diesel fuel. However, the emission characteristic of biodiesel got worse than diesel when the fuel was injected earlier than –30 CAD ATDC. NOx emission from biodeisel was higher than diesel fuel in all experimental conditions.

Previous김기현, 김동훈, 정용진, 배충식, “가솔린과 디젤을 연료로 적용한 압축착화식 엔진에서 분사기가 연소 및 배기배출물에 미치는 영향”, 제 45회 KOSCO Symposium, 2012. 11.
Next박영수, 배충식, “HP/LP EGR 공급 비율 변화에 따른 디젤 엔진 연소 특성에 관한 연구”, 2013 한국자동차공학회 부문종합 학술대회, 2013. 5.
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