Title황준식, 정용진, Donghui Qi, 배충식, "압축 착화 엔진의 중부하 운전 영역에서 디젤 및 폐식용유 바이오디젤 연소 시 발생하는 입자상 물질에 관한 특성 비교", 제 46회 KOSCO Symposium, 2013. 6

In this study, the characteristics of particulate matters (PM) from diesel and biodiesel fuel combustion was experimentally investigated. The experiment was performed in a single cylinder common-rail compression ignition engine. The fuels were injected at –5 CAD (Crank angle degree) ATDC (After top dead center) with 80 MPa injection pressure. Size distribution of PM was measured by scanning mobility particle sizer (SMPS) and morphology of PM was studied by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). PM from biodiesel shows lower emission level and smaller primary particles.

Previous김기현, 배충식, “DME-가솔린 혼소를 적용한 압축착화 엔진의 운전 특성”, 2013 한국자동차공학회 부문종합 학술대회, 2013. 5.
Next전지연, 박현욱, 배충식, “수소-예혼합 압축착화 엔진에서 착화제인 DME/diesel이 엔진 연소에 미치는 영향”, 제 46회 KOSCO Symposium, 2013. 6
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