Title전지연, 박현욱, 배충식, “수소-예혼합 압축착화 엔진에서 착화제인 DME/diesel이 엔진 연소에 미치는 영향”, 제 46회 KOSCO Symposium, 2013. 6

Hydrogen-dimethy ether (DME) and hydrogen-diesel compression ignition engine combustion were investigated and compared each other in a single cylinder compression ignition engine. Hydrogen and DME were used as low carbon alternative fuels to reduce green house gases and pollutant. Hydrogen was injected at the intake manifold with an injection pressure of 0.5 MPa at fixed injection timing, -210°CA aTDC. DME and diesel were injected directly into the cylinder through the common-rail injection system at injection pressure of 30 MPa. DME and diesel inejction timing was varied to find the optimum CI combustion to reduce CO, HC and NOx emissions. When DME was injected early, CO and HC emissions were high while NOx emission was low. Fuel consumption, heat release rate, and exhaust emissions were measured to analyze each combustion characteristics of each ignition promoter. Fuel consumption was decreased when diesel was used as an ignition promoter. This is due to the lower volatility of diesel which created more stratified charge than DME

Previous황준식, 정용진, Donghui Qi, 배충식, “압축 착화 엔진의 중부하 운전 영역에서 디젤 및 폐식용유 바이오디젤 연소 시 발생하는 입자상 물질에 관한 특성 비교”, 제 46회 KOSCO Symposium, 2013. 6
Next황준식, 배충식, “가시화 엔진을 이용한 직접 분사식 디젤 엔진에서 폐식용유 바이오디젤과 디젤의 분무 및 화염 특성”, 2013 한국자동차공학회 부문종합 추계학술대회. 2013. 11
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