Title배충식, 박현욱, “ETP 2014에 기초한 이산화탄소 저감을 위한 수송 부문 에너지 기술 전망,” 제 49회 KOSCO SYMPOSIUM, 2014. 11.

Global energy demand has continued to rise due to population increase and economic development. National governments and international bodies try to seek the ways to reduce the demand growth. Energy Technology Perspectives (ETP) have provided the current status of energy system, technology developments and external events that have changed ETP scenario since 2006. The status and prospects for key energy technologies of transport sector are presented. Technology portfolio for the transport sector should be needed to meet very low CO2 targets. The portfolio includes improved fuel economy of current internal combustion engine vehicles, advanced technologies such as electric and fuel-cell vehicles, advanced biofuels and demand-side management.

Previous박찬수, 정진영, 배충식, “TiAl 터빈을 적용한 과급 직분식 전기점화 엔진의 과도운전 성능특성”, 2014 한국자동차공학회 부문종합 추계학술대회, 2014. 11
Next주용준, 정진영, 배충식, “성층연소 직분식 엔진에서의 propane과 n-butane의 연소 및 배기특성 비교”, 제 49회 KOSCO SYMPOSIUM, 2014. 11
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