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Title배충식, "프로판-공기 예혼합기의 화염전파 과정에 관한 연구," 한국연소학회 논문집, vol. 1., No. 2., pp21-29, 1996. 12

배충식, “프로판-공기 예혼합기의 화염전파 과정에 관한 연구,” 한국연소학회 논문집, vol. 1., No. 2., pp21-29, 1996. 12


Flame propagation characteristics of propane-air mixtures were experimentally investigated in constant-volume combustion chambers. Flame propagation process was observed as a function of mixture strength, initial mixture temperature and initial mixture pressure in quiescent mixtures. A cylindrical combustion chamber and a spherical combustion chamber contain a pair or parallel windows through which optical access into the chamber can be provided. Laser tow beam deflection method was adopted to measure the local flame propagation, which gave information on the flame size and flame propagation speed. Pressure development was also measured by a piezoelctric pressure transducer to characterize combustion in quiescent mixtures. Burning velocity was calculated from flame propagation and pressure measurements. The effect of flow on flame propagation was also investigated under flowing mixture conditions. Laser tow beam method was found to be feasible in measuring flame propagation of quiescent mixtures. Flame was observed to propagate faster with higher initial mixture temperature and lower initial pressure. Combustion duration was shortened in the highly turbulent flowing mixtures.

Previous배충식, 정경석, “실린더헤드 형상에 따른 정상유동 특성,” 한국자동차공학회 논문집, vol. 4, No. 5, pp197-205, SAE Paper No. 96370110, 1996. 9.
Next설우석, 윤민수, 이대성, V.I.Yagodkin, 배충식, “Measurement of Mean Particle Size and Fuel Concentrations of the Sprays from a Centrifugal Two-Nozzle Injector by Light Integrating Diaphragm (LID) Method,” 한국항공우주학회지, 25권 3호, pp95-102, 1997. 6.
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