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Title배충식, 이동훈, “모델연소기 선회유동장에서의 속도 및 분무 특성,” 한국액체미립화학회지, 3권 2호, pp42-50, 1998. 6.

배충식, 이동훈, “모델연소기 선회유동장에서의 속도 및 분무 특성,” 한국액체미립화학회지, 3권 2호, pp42-50, 1998. 6.


The effect of swirl flows un the fuel spray characteristics were investigated for various swillers in a model combustor. The interaction between the flow field and fuel spray in the main combustion tone made by frontal devices including fuel injection nozzles and swirlers. which were characterized by flow velocities, fuel droplet sizes and their distributions which were measured by APV(Adaptive Phase/Doppler Velocimetry) under atmospheric condition at 320cc/min kerosine fuel flow and 0.04kg/sec air supply. A dual swirler with circumferential two-stage swirl vanes of $40^{\circ}\;and\;45^{\circ}$ vanes in different directions and two single-stage swillers of $40^{\circ}$ vanes with 12 and 16 vanes were tested. It was found that the dual swirler has the largest recirculating zone with highest reverse flow velocity. The strongest swirl flow was found at the boundary of recirculation zone. Small fuel droplets were observed in the main axial stream and inside the recirculation zone when swirling flow field were generated by the frontal devices. These findings could give the tips on the optimal design of frontal devices to realize low emissions in gas turbine combustion.

Previous설우석, 윤민수, 이대성, V.I.Yagodkin, 배충식, “Measurement of Mean Particle Size and Fuel Concentrations of the Sprays from a Centrifugal Two-Nozzle Injector by Light Integrating Diaphragm (LID) Method,” 한국항공우주학회지, 25권 3호, pp95-102, 1997. 6.
Next이중순, 김진영, 정성식, 하종률, 배충식, “유동 및 고주파점화 특성이 기관성능에 미치는 영향,” 한국자동차공학회 논문집, vol. 6, No. 5, pp37-44, 1998. 9.
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