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Title염기태, 배충식, “가솔린과 LPG 예혼합 압축 착화 엔진의 노킹 특성”, 한국자동차공학회 논문집, vol. 15, No. 3, pp54-62, 2007. 5.

염기태, 배충식, “가솔린과 LPG 예혼합 압축 착화 엔진의 노킹 특성”, 한국자동차공학회 논문집, vol. 15, No. 3, pp54-62, 2007. 5.


The knock characteristics in an engine were investigated under homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) operation. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)and gasoline were used as fuels and injected at the intake port using port fuel injection equipment. Di-methyl ether (DME) was used as an ignition promoter and was injected directly into the cylinder near compression top dead center (TDC). A commercial variable valve timing device was used to control the volumetric efficiency and the amount of internal residual gas. Different intake valve timingsand fuel injection amounts were tested to verify the knock characteristics of the HCCI engine. The ringing intensity (RI) was used to define the intensity of knock according to the operating conditions. The RI of the LPG HCCI engine was lower than that of the gasoline HCCI engine at every experimental condition. The indicated mean effective pressure (IMEP) dropped when the RI was over 0.5 MW/m2and the maximum combustion pressure was over 6.5 MPa. There was no significant relationship between RI and fuel type. The RI can be predicted by the crank angle degree (CAD) at 50 CA. Carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbon (HC) emissions were minimized at high RI conditions. The shortest burn duration under low RI was effective in achieving low HC and CO emissions.

Previous이석환, 박정서, 배충식, “가솔린 엔진에서 배기 온도 저감을 위한 열교환기 설계 최적화”, 한국자동차공학회 논문집, vol. 15, No. 3, pp10-17, 2007. 5.
Next배충식, 장진영, 염기태, “Dimethyl Ether 예혼합 압축 착화 엔진에서 흡기중 CO2 농도와 흡기온도 변화가 연소에 미치는 영향”, 대한기계학회 논문집, vol. 31, No. 6, p514-521, 2007. 6.
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