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Title배충식, 염기태, “LPG-DME 성층혼합 압축착화 엔진”, 대한기계학회 논문집, vol. 31, No. 8, pp672-679, 2007.

배충식, 염기태, “LPG-DME 성층혼합 압축착화 엔진”, 대한기계학회 논문집, vol. 31, No. 8, pp672-679, 2007.


The combustion characteristics of a liquefied petroleum gas–di-methyl ether (LPG-DME) compression ignition engine was investigated under homogeneous charge and stratified charge conditions. LPG was used as the main fuel and injected into the combustion chamber directly. DME was used as an ignition promoter and injected into the intake port. Different LPG injection timings were tested to verify the combustion characteristics of the LPG-DME compression ignition engine. The combustion was divided into three region which are homogeneous charge, stratified charge, and diffusion flame region according to the injection timing of LPG. The hydrocarbon emission of stratified charge combustion was lower than that of homogeneous charge combustion. However, the carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emission of stratified charge combustion were slightly higher than those of the homogeneous charge region. The indicated mean effective pressure was reduced at stratified charge region, while it was almost same level as the homogeneous charge combustion region at diffusion combustion region. The start of combustion timing of the stratified charge combustion and diffusion combustion region were advanced compared to the homogeneous charge combustion. It attributed to the higher cetane number and mixture temperature distribution which locally stratified. However, the knock intensity was varied as the homogeneity of charge was increased.

Previous염기태, 박정서, 배충식, 박정남, 김성근, “Top-Feed Type 인젝터의 액상 분사 LPG 연료 분사 장치 적용”, 한국자동차공학회 논문집, vol. 15, No. 6, pp30-37, 2007. 11.
Next문석수, Essam Abo-Serie, 오희창, 배충식, “직접분사식가솔린 엔진용 고압스월분무의 액막두께 측정 및 해석”, 한국액체미립화학회지, vol. 12, No. 4, pp211-219, 2007.12
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