Refered Conference Proceedings

Kihyun Kim, Donghoon Kim, Yongjin Jung and Choongsik Bae, “Effect of Injector Configuration on Combustion and Exhaust Emission in Direct Injection Compression Ignition Engine Fueled with Gasoline and Diesel at Idle and Low Load Operation,” THIESEL 2012 (Conference on Thermo- and Fluid Dynamic Processes in Direct Injection Engines), Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain, September, 2012.
Jaeheun Kim, Choongsik Bae and Gangchul Kim, “The Effects of Spark Timing and Equivalence Ratio on Spark-Ignition Linear Engine Operation with Liquefied Petroleum Gas”, SAE Technical Paper 2012-01-0424, presented at 2012 SAE World Congress, Detroit, USA, Apr. 2012.
Jeeyeon Jeon and Choongsik Bae, “Effect of hydrogen and DME injection in homogeneous charge compression ignition engine with DME second injection strategy” IMechE, Internal Combustion Engines: Performance, Fuel Economy and Emissions, London, UK, 29-30 November, 2011
Heechang Oh, Choongsik Bae, Jungseo Park, Jeeyeon Jeon, “Effect of the Multiple Injection on Stratified Combustion Characteristics in a Spray-Guided DISI Engine,” SAE Technical Paper 2011-24-0059, presented at 10th SAE International Conference on Engines & Vehicles (ICE 2011) 11-15, September, 2011, Capri, Naples, Italy
Jeeyeon Jeon, Choongsik Bae, "Effects of EGR and DME Injection Strategy in Hydrogen-DME Compression Ignition Engine," SAE/JSAE Technical Paper 2011-01-1790, presented at 2011 SAE Powertrains ,Fuel & Lubricants, Kyoto, Aug. 2011
Youngsoo Park, Choongsik Bae, "Influence of EGR and Pilot Injection on PCCI Combustion in a Single-Cylinder Diesel Engine," SAE Technical Paper 2011-01-1823, presented at 2011 SAE Powertrains ,Fuel & Lubricants, Kyoto, Aug. 2011
Kihyun Kim, Sangwook Han, Choongsik Bae, “Mode Transiton between Low Temperature Combustion and Conventional Combustion with EGR and Injection Modulation in a Diesel Engine,” SAE Technical Paper 2011-01-1389, presented at 2011 SAE World Congress, Detroit, Apr. 2011
Yongjin Jung, Jinyoung Jang, Choongsik Bae and Duksang Kim, "Improvement of Premixed Compression Ignition Combustion using Various Injector Configurations," SAE Technical Paper 2011-01-1357, presented at 2011 SAE World Congress, Detroit, Apr. 2011
Hyeonsook Yoon and Choongsik Bae, "The Comparative Study on DME and Diesel PCCI Engine Combustion with Two-Stage Fuel Injection Strategy," The 8th international colloquium fuels, Stuttgart, Germany, 19~20th Jan. 2011
Y.Jung, K.C.Oh, C. Bae and H.D.Shin, "Carbonaceous progress of incipient soot particles in oxygen-enriched inverse diffusion flames, " 33rd International Symposium on Combustion, Beijing, China, Aug. 2010
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