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Title73. Jangsik Kong and Choongsik Bae, “Effect of Nozzle Hole Geometry on Non-Evaporating Diesel Spray Characteristics at high-Pressure Injection,” Atomization and Sprays, Atomization and Sprays, vol. 22, No.1, pp1–21, 2012 (SCI; IF 0.754, citation : 3)

Non-evaporatingdieselspraysfromacommon-railinjectionsystemwerecharacterizedtoinvestigate the effect of nozzle hole geometry. Two valve covered orifice (VCO) injectors with cylindrical and taperednozzleholeswereused.Theinjectionratewasmeasuredusinganinjectionratemeterviathe Boschtubemethod.Thespraytippenetrationwasanalyzedfrommacroscopicsprayimagesinaconstantvolumechamberusingahigh-resolutioncharge-coupleddevicecameraandasparklight.Spray characteristics near the nozzle hole exit were observed using a microscopic visualization technique. The velocity and size of the droplets were measured downstream using a phase Doppler anemometer system. At the initial stage, the slope of the injection velocity from the tapered nozzle hole was larger than that from the cylindrical nozzle hole at the same injection pressure. The maximum injection velocity from the tapered nozzle hole was also higher. Until the micro-spray cone angle reached a maximum value, the spray tip penetration of the two nozzles increased with the change of injection rate. Subsequently, the spray tip penetration increased linearly with time. At the initial stage, the lengthoftheliquidcolumninjectedfromthetaperednozzleholewasabouttwiceaslongasthatfrom the cylindrical nozzle hole. During the injection period, the oscillation in the micro-spray angle of thetaperednozzleholewassmallerthanthatofthecylindricalnozzlehole.Thevelocityandsizeofa droplet downstream with the tapered nozzle hole were slower and smaller than the velocity and size ofthecylindricalnozzle hole.


Previous72. Yongjin Jung, Kwang Chul Oh, Choongsik Bae, Hyun Dong Shin, “The Effect of Oxygen Enrichment on Incipient Soot Particles in Inverse Diffusion Flames,” Fuel, vol. 102, pp199-207, 2012 (SCI; IF 3.179, citation : 0)
Next74. Sangwook Han, Choongsik Bae, and Seibum B. Choi, “Effects of operating parameters on mode transition between low temperature combustion and conventional combustion in a light duty diesel engine,” International Journal of Engine Research, vol. 13, No. 6, 2012, 8 (SCI-E; IF 0.903, citation : 4)
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